Class Schedule

Each class begins with a warm up and ends with a cool down. This includes stretching and muscle building excercises. Throughout the class you will learn dance moves and acrobatic tricks appropriate to your level.


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Description  of  Pole  Fitness  Classes

    A-I.   Principles of Pole.  Welcome to the world of pole fitness!  Learn the basics, and how to control your body around the pole.  Awaken and use muscles you never knew existed.    Begin the change of living life in a healthy and fit way.

A-II.  It is time to fly!  Learn spins on the pole using two to three points of contact.  Increase dance ability by becoming more comfortable in your skin and gaining body awareness.  Face new challenges by learning poses and tricks up on the pole.

 A-III.  Become a Spinning Rock Star!  Amorous III is focused on flexibility in tricks, inverting from the floor, and flying into some power spins and combos.   In this level, your body increases flexibility and strength in your tricks.  Learn to be confident in your abilities and fluid in your moves.  This is the level that begins your basic inverts and dismounts.

A-IV.  Welcome to Intermediate Inverting!  This level introduces a whole new element to your pole fitness workout.  Use all of your knowledge from the previous levels and test your strength on a whole new scale.  In this level, learn how everything changes in the muscle memory when inverting.  Learn safety requirements of pole fitness and an admiration of your new muscles, strength and control.  Amorous IV clients amaze themselves by challenging their bodies and performing tricks, spins and combos that once seemed impossible.

   A-V.  Become an Amorous Queen/King!  Amorous V involves advanced inversion moves using various grips and stances.  This level is a mental challenge that will have you pushing yourself for more.  Amorous V clients amaze themselves by challenging their bodies and performing tricks, spins and combos that once seemed physically impossible.  This level covers even the most advanced and complex pole tricks and moves, while focusing on safety and personal development.

A-VI.    Be a Combo Master!  This is the level that can mesmerize anyone.  In this level, learn combos combining all previous levels, plus more.  Amorous VI is a challenge and a joy for pole enthusiasts!

A-VII.   Amorous Doubles!  Everything is better times two!  In this level, gain strength by not only lifting your own weight, but your partner’s as well.  Learn to understand balance as a team.  Amorous VII changes the whole dynamic of the pole, which means more fun tricks, spins and combos.  Develop trust and an amazing amount of respect from anyone who watches.