ADPAF Certification



Beginner Certification=  $1500

The ADPAF Beginner Certification is our most important.  This certification will develop your mind on the fundamentals of pole fitness as well as understanding the muscle groups being used.

What is included in the beginner certification?

  • Basic Muscle Groups study sheets which will help you understand where certain muscles are used during pole tricks/ dance moves.  This study sheet will also give you knowledge to prevent injuries as well as handle an injury if one occurs.


  • 90 Beginner Pole Tricks– These tricks consist of many static moves, spins, and beginner inverting.  (We are known for having more beginner pole tricks than any other studio that continue to challenge the mind as well as the body)


  • 20 different Dance Moves  (These dance moves can make anyone feel like a dancer which will increase the longevity of a studio’s clientele)


  • 5 styles of Kicks


  • 20 hours of training (For example.  2.5 hours a day during an 8 day period)

1.    How is the ADPAF Certification different than other pole fitness certifications?


Our certification offers more beginner spins/ pole tricks than any other certification.

2.    Why does it cost more than other certifications?

Most certifications only offer between 20-50 Pole Moves/Tricks.  We offer 90 as well as Dance Moves/ Climbs/ Grips/ Kicks.  We give you personal training between 2-3 hours a day until certification is complete (up to an 8 day period).  The ADPAF Certification is not a get certified in one day or one weekend kind of thing like you will see with many other certifications.

3.    What makes the ADPAF Certification accredited?

The ADPAF Certification continues to be recognized by many Pro Athletes, Pole Organizations, and Pole Fitness Studios around the world.  Our certification is supported and mentioned on which is the largest website for Professional Pole Athletes and created by Felix Cane’s Manager.   X Pole one of the largest Pole Brands has also offered to put our certification on their website.   As of now there is not a main certification in the United States for Pole Fitness.

4.    Should I get a fitness group certification?

You do not need a fitness group certification unless you want another certification just for your own knowledge.  Anyone can certify someone.  Certification is not a requirement but is definitely acknowledged.

5.    What are the requirements after being certified to upkeep/maintain the certification?

To upkeep/maintain the certification you must continue your education in pole fitness through teaching, etc…  You have a 12 month lapse period with the beginner certification.  You will be contacted yearly through email/ phone to show proof of teaching, etc.   This process will change to a continuing small fee but will not be subjected to you if certified before this change.  (Change should occur in September of 2014)

6.    Since it’s a beginner certification, do you have/planning to have intermediate and advanced level certs at some point?

We definitely do.  Here is some info on the Intermediate Certification.

If taking both Beginner and Intermediate Certifications the price will be discounted to  $3100

 Intermediate Certification=  $1900       

The ADPAF Intermediate Certification is an amazing program when it comes to understanding the fundamentals of inverting.  One must have the ADPAF Beginner Certification to participate in this level.

What is included in the Intermediate Certification?

  • 56 Intermediate Pole Tricks–  These tricks mainly consist of inversions, as well as non inverting tricks while on the pole and more challenging spins that will impress any client.
  • 15 Intermediate Dance Moves
  • 4 additional styles of Kicks


 Advanced Certification=  Will be discussed after beginner and intermediate have been completed


7.    Since I’ve never worked as an instructor before….what’s the range for the money you make as an instructor?

Instructor pay definitely depends on location, etc…. Non certified instructors can start out at $8 to $10 a hour.  Certified instructors will normally make $15-$25 a hour in a group class. Private classes you should make more.  You may make more if you structure your own classes etc which is what the ADPAF Certification sets you up to do.

8.    What are the different ways studios might pay their teachers? (flat-fee per class? dependent on level or # of students?)

Some studios will pay you based off of your classes.  Whether it’s a percentage of the classes or increase your pay with a return rate.  Some studios just pay a set fee hourly.  Some do salary.  This really depends on the studio.

9.    What are ways studios typically hire?

Studios definitely hire based off of experience and recommendations.   Amorous hires mainly from in house or from people who come in with prior teaching experience.

 *** Make sure you have liability insurance if your studio does not carry it ***