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How old do I have to be to take class?

We have classes for all ages.  Check out more information on our VerticalKidz Program.

Do you offer anything else besides Pole Dance?

Yes, we offer pole fitness and dance classes, Aerial Hoop classes, Twerk classes and much more.  Check out our 2024 Class Schedule.

Are your Instructors Certified?

Not only are our Instructors Certified, we also offer certification trainings for others to become certified as well.  Be sure to check out those packages!

Do I need experience to take a class?

No you do not need aerial dance experience to take a class here.  We offer classes for all levels.  Check out one of our Beginner Level classses to get started.

Do you offer Online Classes?

Yes, we offer various classes and workshops Online. Check out our schedule to find an Online Class for you.

Do I need to Sign Up for a Membership?

No you do not need to sign up for a membership.  We do offer drop in rates.  Please keep in mind Memberships offer benefits  that drop in classes do not.

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